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The enthusiasm, the experience, the challenges faced in the field, are just some of the elements that have allowed us to grow and become specialists in our field.
It’s our never-ending desire to go further, that leads us to create a new industries dedicated to Project Management. Our experience and our expertise for the service of your projects.

Advice and practical support to projects and training.

Our contribution is aimed at helping our clients to achieve their objectives and the creation of added value. This is achieved through helping the management of projects to understand the methodologies and awareness related to the principles of Project Management:


Our goals

  • Knowledge of the techniques and processes that underpin the success of the project initiatives.
  • Knowledge of managerial skills and “soft skills”, directed to the desired change.
  • Knowledge of the tools and technologies available to the project manager and the effectiveness of its management.


B.BOX is a telematics solution for airbrushed designed for insurance companies, based on GPS tracking devices.

The models proposed by Audacia guarantee reliability, durability and accuracy of the data certified. The solution provides a qualified technical assistance, professional services, training and a dedicated platform.



“Grow Italy” is Decree-Law 1/2012 on deregulation. This decree provides benefits for people installing in the car black box: a GPS tracking device that can be used in the prevention of fraud related to accidents, allowing you to control the behavior of the insured while driving and to reconstruct precisely how an accident has occurred.
“Grow Italy” is an opportunity for insurance companies that will be able to diversify its offerings, introducing new customized insurance solutions, as well as have, thanks to the introduction of telematics onboard a platform for the provision of value added services based on location.


What information can Bbox access?

Data on driving and risk profile.

Key questions on the driving style of the customer are:

  • Position: where guide?
  • Speed ​​and acceleration / deceleration as a guide?
  • Walking: the guide?

The black boxes, GPS devices, “smart”, they are able to record and transmit data such as telematics relevant position coordinates, speed, vehicle parameters (engine on / off, airbags) to record and process the data according to the rules of definition risk profiles specific to each company.

It is possible to offer customized solutions for motor vehicle liability insurance, increase the competitiveness of its offer and implement new models of pay-per-use or pay-as-you-drive.

Crash report.

Report of reconstruction of the crash with an indication of the parameters:

  • Location.
  • Speeds.
  • Deceleration before, during and after the event

Fraud Check.

Fraud Intelligence Services to support the management of the accident.
Integration of information flows against the insurer acts to highlight likelihood of fraud thanks to:

  • Analysis of crash data.
  • Analysis of the data related to the parties involved in the accident.
  • Analysis of information from the Social Data model of Amaltea.

Additional Services.

  • SVR (Stolen Vehicle Recovery).
  • Block engine remotely.
  • Check the Km

End User Applications.

Application interfaces accessible via the web, smartphones and tablets to access the part of end user data location.

 B.BOX General.

A versatile telematic solution.

Many tools of our daily lives can be equipped with a black box, from the coffee maker to the bike. The solution allows the management of these devices, which sometimes require platforms to use simple and essential, and monitoring minimum.
Audacia is equipped with its own base framework adaptable to the needs, of entities contained modular and complexity, maintaining the quality and accuracy of the physical device.



  • Specific functions aimed at monitoring the flows processed in input and output through intuitive web pages.
  • Flow management in head size, detail, tail, with automatic configurable combinations and splitting based on predefined templates.
  • A chance to check out the information on the elements of detail with any application of the primitive calculation
    and comparison with information in the records of the head or tail.
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John Doe


John Doe




For over 20 years we’ve operate with professionalism, determination and efficiency in the information technology sector, specifically relating to the banking and insurance industries.

Areas that require particular precision, skill and experience possessed by Audacia.

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AMAREA is an advanced computer system designed for the insurance market.

Its main objectives are the management of all operational requirements, management, insurance, corporate brokerage, canals insurance, credit institutions and represents foreign companies in Italy.


  • Cost containment.
  • Scalability.
  • Quickly activated.
  • Simple and intuitive interface.
  • Optimization of the policy process.
  • Rapidly bring to market.
  • Technical control.
  • Versatility
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With the final approval of the Guidelines for the standardization of operations del’industria asset management, asset management companies, the placing banks and Custodians will be involved in the adoption of new communication standards. The associations (ABI, ANASF, ASSOGESTIONI, ASSORETI, ASSOSIM), by mutual agreement they decided to adopt the standard ISO20022 (UNIFI Securities Messages) which offers an optimal implementation of standardized XML messages using the syntax and methodology of UML for the description of the models.


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It is a project coordinated by ABI Lab in the guise of vendor / outsourcer, which uses the functionality provided by the Core Product GTWAY.

The module is aimed at SGR, placing banks and Custodians and aims to enrich the functionality of the platform needed to make parsing easier, to its customers, the adoption of new communication standards (XML syntax and a standardized methodology for UML the description of the models).
In the computer system of a Collocatrice Bank, the product is inserted between the application that manages the process of Legacy Fund Placement and manage email message forwarding / SGR flows to the ISO format. A similar inverse process is used to receive the results from the SGR.

This solution, applied at Unicredit was advantageous because:

  • Due to the presence of web pages for monitoring the flow processed.
  • To-flow management in head size, detail, tail with management.
  • For the control of the information contained and any application of the primitive calculation and verification.
  • For-configurable controls to avoid double managements.
  • For the purposes of control rules and validation.
  • For a chance to apply additional checks on calculations using the existing primitive.
  • For the automatic alerting.
  • For the functional integration transparent to the operating processes.
  • To integrate technology and application for non-invasive Legacy systems exist.
  • For the presence of a monitor for the control of all stages of processing and computing.


B.BOX is a telematics solution for airbrushed designed for insurance companies, based on GPS tracking devices. The models proposed by Audacia guarantee reliability, durability and accuracy of the data certified. The solution provides a qualified technical assistance, professional services, training and a dedicated platform.


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Con la definitiva approvazione delle Linee Guida per la standardizzazione dell’operatività del’industria del risparmio gestito, le SGR, le Banche Collocatrici e le Banche Depositarie saranno coinvolte nell’adozione dei nuovi standard di comunicazione. Le associazioni di categoria (ABI, ANASF, ASSOGESTIONI, ASSORETI, ASSOSIM), di comune accordo hanno deciso per l’adozione dello standard ISO20022 (UNIFI Securities Messages) che offre un’ottimale implementazione dei messaggi utilizzando la sintassi standardizzata XML e la metodologia UML per la descrizione dei modelli.


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Amarea è un sistema informatico avanzato studiato per il mercato assicurativo.

Il suo obiettivo è la gestione di tutte le esigenze operative e, gestionali, delle compagnie assicurative, delle società di brockeraggio, dei canali assicurativi, degli istituti di credito e delle rappresentanze per l’Italia di compagnie estere.


  • Il contenimento dei costi.
  • L’elevata scalabilità del sistema.
  • La velocità di attivazione.
  • L’interfaccia semplice ed intuitiva.
  • L’ottimizzazione del processo di lavorazione della polizza.
  • La rapidità di avvio sul mercato.
  • Il controllo tecnico.
  • La versatilità.
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