The PARSER module XML ISO20022.

It is a project coordinated by ABI Lab in the guise of vendor / outsourcer, which uses the functionality provided by the Core Product GTWAY.

The module is aimed at SGR, placing banks and Custodians and aims to enrich the functionality of the platform needed to make parsing easier, to its customers, the adoption of new communication standards (XML syntax and a standardized methodology for UML the description of the models).
In the computer system of a Collocatrice Bank, the product is inserted between the application that manages the process of Legacy Fund Placement and manage email message forwarding / SGR flows to the ISO format. A similar inverse process is used to receive the results from the SGR.

This solution, applied at Unicredit was advantageous because:

  • Due to the presence of web pages for monitoring the flow processed.
  • To-flow management in head size, detail, tail with management.
  • For the control of the information contained and any application of the primitive calculation and verification.
  • For-configurable controls to avoid double managements.
  • For the purposes of control rules and validation.
  • For a chance to apply additional checks on calculations using the existing primitive.
  • For the automatic alerting.
  • For the functional integration transparent to the operating processes.
  • To integrate technology and application for non-invasive Legacy systems exist.
  • For the presence of a monitor for the control of all stages of processing and computing.