A solution designed for the standardization of communications in the asset management industry.

With the final approval of the guidelines for standardizing operations in the industry of asset management, asset management companies and banking. There are new standards of communication. The associations (ABI, ANASF, ASSOGESTIONI, ASSORETI, ASSOSIM), by mutual agreement have decided to adopt the standard ISO20022 (UNIFI Securities Messages) which provides an optimal implementation of standardized XML messages using the syntax and methodology for the description of UML models.



Audacity Ltd. Finance Division, participates in a project coordinated by ABI Lab in the guise of vendor / outsourcer. Using the functionality provided by the Core Product GTWAY, is developing a specific module that will enrich the platforms functionality needed to make speaking with its customers easier, with the adoption of new communication standards.


Information for the Collocatrice Bank.

In the computer system of a Collocatrice Bank, the product is inserted between the application Legacy, which manages the Funds Distribution process, and manage email message forwarding / flows to the SGR.

The events are then processed using the form in question and forwarded to ‘SGR in ISO format.

A similar reverse process takes place for the receipt of the results by the AMC with the transformation from ISO format to the format expected by the information systems.


  • Specific functions aimed at monitoring the flows processed in input and output through intuitive web pages.
  • Flow management in head size, detail, tail, with automatic configurable combinations and splitting based on predefined templates.
  • A chance to check out the information on the elements of detail with any application of the primitive calculation and comparison with information in the records of the head or tail.
  • For the configurable controls so as to avoid the development / acquisition of dual streams, according to criteria of storing keys daily and hourly.
  • For the application of rules of control and validation provided by the standard controls of the structure, sequence controls, controls the format and syntax, consistency checks between the information with diagnostic evidence of any problems and inconsistencies noted.
  • For the application of the rules provided by the standard is the phase of receiving messages from the outside (input), and the step of generating and sending messages (output).
  • For a chance to apply additional checks on calculations using the existing primitive (eg sum amounts for subscription / redemption, or number of transactions of different types, etc …) with display of results on the monitor or report, or through the ‘forwarding e-mail.
  • For the automatic alerting service (by e-mail or SMS) in case of malfunctions detected and / or to report the occurrence or nonoccurrence of events scheduled or within a certain cut-off.
  • For the functional integration is absolutely transparent to the operating processes.
  • To integrate technology and application for non-invasive Legacy systems exist.
  • For the presence of the monitor for the control of all stages of processing and computing provided, as well as for the management of status messages (received, rejected).