valter_rgb_sm“A foolhardy project.”

Valter Chirio.

We were called upon by Novit Assicurazioni before they had the authorization to issue policies and we bet together on this project. A project that consumed us day and night building the platform, but it was worth it. The platform has been a great satisfaction. As soon as they were authorized, Novit issued within 3 days the first policy. Subsequently, the collaboration has continued for months and the second step involved back office products. This means that we do whatever it takes to be there for our clients.

barbara_rgb_sm“An important growth experience.”

Barbara Franceschi.

A big bet and we won. We kicked it into high gear with tight deadlines for the issuance of insurance policies. The people who worked there have grown a lot, both from a technical and functional point of view. Every step of the way, from the very beginning we had the opportunity to witness the birth of a new reality from nothing to a completed result.

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